Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Happy First Day of School!

We had a great first day!
I'm very proud of my JKs, no tears, everyone is having a great attitude!
In the morning JKs participated in Gym class, today was in our classroom, but starting tomorrow Ms. Jans will teach them in the either in the gymnasium or sports court.
After Gym class, we practiced lining up, had a washroom break and snacks in the cafeteria.
Next, we came back to our classroom and met our classroom friend Sam. Sam is our happy emoji friend and whoever is feeling sad or upset can hug him at any time. Then JKs participated in the calendar time, where we learned a few songs, counted the days of the week, started our 100th Day of School popcorn count and dressed up "Johnny" for the weather.
Next, we completed an activity where JKs glued straws on their names.
Then we had a washroom break, lunch and outdoor recess.
In the afternoon we had French class with Mme. Jessica. Right after French, we had story time, centers and songs.
To finish off the day we had a talk about keeping our cubbies clean and shoes neatly on the bottom of the cubby.
Please make sure you read and sign your child's agenda daily as well as check the blog.
Have a great evening everyone! :) Enjoy the pictures and video.

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