Thursday, 28 September 2017

Happy Thursday!

Today we had a fun day!
In the morning we had gym class with Ms. Jans, snacks and circle time.
Next, we did a cut and paste activity where JKs had to sort uppercase and lower case letters.
Then we had the Show and Tell presentations.
In the afternoon we watched a story titled Johnny Appleseed. Then we had different centers.
First center, JKs had to build their names using alphabet beads, second center JKs made their own Jhonny and third center JKs had to match the number on the key chain with the correct amount of links. All these activities are great to develop and strengthen fine motor skills.
To finish off the day we had reading buddies.
Take a look at our day:

Have a great evening everyone!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Happy Wednesday!

Yeahhh! For outdoor recess!
It was nice to have the warm weather, but not to the point of a heat alert! After 2 days of having indoor recess, JKs were happy to go outside!
In the morning we began the day with gym class, snacks, morning circle time and music class.

Next, in language arts, we reviewed our phonics song and worked on beginning sounds we hear in words. This is a great activity to increase students' phonetic awareness.
In the afternoon we practiced writing the number 2 and played food groups bingo.
After second snack/recess we had centers.

Have a great evening everyone!

Understanding Fine Motor Skills

The ability to correctly grasp a pencil is achieved after the large and small muscles have gone through stages. There is a process of development called "big to small" and "proximal to distal". This means that children develop the larger muscles of the trunk, shoulders and arms before the smaller muscles of the hands, wrists and fingers. Using the finger muscles to “correctly” grasp a pencil can only be accomplished when the muscles are strong enough and the child is interested and willing.
Developing fine motor skills can be frustrating and challenging for some children. Watch your child’s level of frustration. Use praise and rewards for accomplishments. Gradually increase the time of activities. This play/work time needs to be pleasurable, attainable and rewarding so that your child will continue to engage and make progress.

Young children learn through sensory-motor integration. They enjoy learning with interesting textures and materials. The following activities will foster fine motor skills:

  • Pouring sand, water, salt, sugar, rice, or beans using bowls, funnels, spoons, cups, tubes, rolls, colander
  • Sorting small objects with interesting textures like cotton balls, pastas, sponges, and rocks placing them into egg cartons
  • Pushing objects through a slot like pennies or buttons into a Piggy Bank or container with a slit in lid; pushing pegs into a board
  • Picking up marbles and putting them in a jar; for variety, have child stand up and drop marbles into jar or drop balls or other small objects into container or sack
  • Building with blocks, logs, Legos
  • Lacing with lacing cards – poking string through holes and pulling
  • Grasping wooden puzzles pieces and placing correctly
  • Arranging rocks, leaves, beans, cards, pasta, sticks or whatever interests child
  • Picking stickers off page and successfully placing onto something
  • Playing with Play Dough and clay: pulling, pressing, stretching, rolling, pounding, squeezing, pinching
  • Squeezing glue bottles, water guns, sponges
  • Shaking bottles of glitter
  • Beading necklaces with yarn or pasta wheels and lacing string
  • Pushing pipe cleaners into foam shapes with center cut out or push into colanders
  • Marking with fat pencils, crayons, markers, and sidewalk chalk
  • Cutting with child safety scissors which are blunt and fits hand. Opening and closing the scissors as well as cutting increases hand strength.

Have Fun!
Mrs. Padovan 


Dear Parents,
JKs don't usually bring homework home, I understand they need their down time as their day is already very busy. However if you think your child would benefit from doing some work at home, let me know and I'll prepare something suitable for him/her.
Homework doesn't always have to be a paper and pencil kind of work. Most importantly it needs to be relevant and engaging!
Here are some of the hands on activities we do in class and students love it! :)
You may try to do these activities at home! :)





Have Fun!
Mrs. Padovan 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Happy Terry Fox Run!

JKs did a fantastic job running for Terry Fox.
In the morning we practiced writing the letter C, uppercase and lowercase.
Students also had the opportunity of practicing writing the letter C on dry erase boards.
In the afternoon we had the run for Terry Fox and did some math. Today we worked on representing numbers from 6-10.
To finish off the day we packed up and had an assembly in the auditorium about the Terry Fox.
Have a great evening everyone!
*Due to the heat alert, all our outdoor activities are being held indoors. :) Keeping our kiddos safe!

Monday, 25 September 2017

Happy Monday!

Who said Mondays are boring?!
We had a great day!
We began the day with gym class, snacks and morning circle time.
In language arts we sang our phonics song and learned a little bit about our new animal friend: Connie Cow.

JKs then put on their detective hats and found all the uppercase and lowercase Cs on their page. Next, we formed the letter C using play dough.

After that we talked about Terry Fox and why we are running for him tomorrow.
In the afternoon we attended French class and painted a fall tree. Take a look:

To finish off the day JKs completed a fun math cut and paste numeracy sheet.


Have a great evening everyone!

Here are the reminders for this week:

-          Tomorrow is Terry Fox walk/run. Students will run/walk on our parking lot, which will be closed/blocked from 2:003:20pm. Students must wear gym uniform.

-          Bake Sale will take place Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Please put in your child’s money in a labelled Ziploc bag.

-          Casual Day is Wednesday.

-          Show and Tell is this Thursday, Sep. 28th for the following students: Summer, William, Noorah, Noah and Dante. Please, bring in an item that begins with the letter C.  

-          Chudleigh’s field trip is this Friday, Sep. 29th. Please, bring in a disposable water bottle and disposable containers (Ziploc bag works great). JKs will still be allowed to take their lunch bags with them.  Students are required to wear gym uniform.

-          Please, send in any pictures of Hong Kong by Thursday, Sep. 28th

-          Welcome BBQ forms and payment  are due this Friday, Sep. 29th