Friday, 25 August 2017

You are all invited!

Lunch Menu

Please, take a look at our lunch menu:

. - Penne with sauce or butter OR Grilled Cheese on white bread
Tues. - Chicken fingers (2 or 3) OR Pierogis with Sour Cream
Weds. - Cheese OR Pepperoni Pizza
Thurs. - Hotdog (beef or chicken) OR Hamburger (beef or veggie)
Fri. - Mac and cheese OR Cheese Quesadillas (2 or 3)
Everyday items
side of rice
side of fries
veggies and dip
crackers and cheese
cheese sandwich on white bread or whole wheat
jam sandwich on white bread or whole wheat
veggie Wrap
turkey Wrap
bagel and cream cheese
soup (tomato or chicken noodle)
chocolate or white milk
apple or orange juice
yogurt tube

Thursday, 24 August 2017


If you are ordering school lunch for the month of September, please don't order on Friday, September 29th. JKs will be going on a field trip to Chudleigh's.
Thank you!