Thursday, 30 November 2017

Happy Science Fair Day

We had a fantastic day!
We began our day with snacks and morning circle time.
Then JKs headed to the gym where we presented our Science Fair experiment to the judges. JKs did a great job!
Next we came back to class and sung our phonics song and worked on end word family. Today we focused on 'ag' and 'am'. JKs practiced sounding the following short words: bag, ham, rag, ram.
Then JKs had some time to practice their printing on the mini dry erase boards.
After lunch and recess we had French class, practiced our song for the Christmas concert and had math centers.
After second lunch and recess we had the science fair.
Have a great evening!


Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Happy Wednesday

We had a very productive day!
In the morning we had gym class, snacks and morning circle time.
In language arts we looked into end word families. Today we focused on 'an' and 'at'. JKs were instructed to cut and paste the words and pictures in the correct category. Word families are groups of words that follow a similar pattern.
After lunch and recess we had French, worked on our science fair board and reviewed our experiment. JKs are ready to talk to the judges tomorrow! :)
We also had some time to have math centers where JKs had various math manipulatives to sort and categorize.
After second lunch and recess we had centers!

Year Ahead Day

SJA is excited to announce that Year Ahead Day is happening again this year!  All SJA PYP students will be participating in this exciting event on Tuesday, December 5th.   Year Ahead Day is a fun and interactive day for the students at SJA to spend a day in the class of the grade level ahead of them (example: SK students spend their day as Grade 1 students, Grade 6 students spend their day as Grade 7 students, etc.).  This is a great way for the students at SJA to get a glimpse into their future life at SJA!  Students can get to know the teachers, see their future classroom, and take part in activities they will be participating in next year.


Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Happy Tuesday

We had a such busy day!
In the morning we had gym in the class as Ms. Jans was away. Then we had snacks and morning circle time.
JKs headed off to the music class and practiced their Christmas songs.
Next in language arts we practiced writing the letter L on our workbook.
In the afternoon we had math centers, did part of our science fair board and had centers.
To finish off the day we practiced our Christmas song and JKs did a fantastic job!
Have a great evening!

Monday, 27 November 2017

Happy Monday!

Today our day was a bit different!
In the morning JKs had gym class, snacks, music class and we visited Mr. Graywal's Gr. 5 class. Today the grade 5’s created an ancient civilization artefact museum based on their UOI inquiry summative.
Next we had the calendar time.
After recess we had our language time as we didn't have Frenhc today. In language arts JKs met their new animal friend: Larry Lion. We learned a little bit about lions and the name, sound and formation of the letter L. JKs then turned themselves into detectives and found all the Ls on their sheet marking each letter with the bingo dauber.
Next in math we worked on numeracy. JKs learned a trick, as they count the amount of objects on a paper they may always cross the pictures just to keep track of how many they counted.
After second lunch and recess we had story time and practiced our Christmas music.
To finish off the day we visited the other Gr. 5 class, Ms. Khan's class.
Have a fantastic evening everyone!


Practising for our Christmas concert!

Happy Monday!

             Reminders for this week:

-          Bake Sale is Tuesday and Wednesday. It is our turn to organize the bake sale. If you wish to contribute with baked goods, please send them on Tuesday.

-          Wednesday is casual day.

-          Thursday is the Science Fair; parents are invited to visit the projects from 2:30-3:15pm.

-          Show and tell is this Friday to the following students (letter L):  Summer, William, Noorah, Noah and Dante.


Friday, 24 November 2017

Happy Friday!

Today our day was a bit different.
We began the day with music class with Mr. Oliver. JKs practised their Christmas song.
Next we did our third trial for the slime. This time it worked because we used a different glue brand. We learned the meaning of the word hypothesis and collected the data for the experiment.
In the afternoon we had French class and practised our French portion of the Christmas song.
Next, we worked on colouring our reflection sheet for our IB binder.
To finish off the day we had centers.
Have a great weekend everyone!